"Earthmusic supplied us with a professional P.A system that allowed our guests to hear our speeches clearly.

Darren & Samantha from Fort Mac


"Earthmusic played all different types of music. He let us use his mic and CD player to sing/play some of our own music. That made the night a load of fun!"

Aziz & Connie from Edmonton


"Earthmusic made our special day end on a perfect note.  Bruce was professional and accommodating to our guests. He was affordable considering the distance travelled "

Greg & Tanya from Lethbridge


"Bruce was set up and ready to go before we even got to the hall. He played music at a level that let our family and guests get caught up with one another"

Darcy & Bonnie from Calgary


"Bruce was very good at reading the crowd. His music range was excellent. My parents enjoyed his music selection as well as our younger guests"

Corey & Lisa from Strathmore


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